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Sixteen year old Grace waited outside the karaoke bar for her family. They were supposed to come pick her up after her shift at the supermarket. They were going to go out for dinner to celebrate her little sister, Bethany’s fourteenth birthday. It was a cloudy, foggy night, not much visible beyond a few meters. A group of young people, in their mid twenties perhaps, came out of the bar, seemingly in high spirits. They seemed to be intoxicated. Grace saw them get into a jeep car. They shouldn’t be driving right now, she thought to herself. While driving under the influence was bad enough, in weather so foggy, it was downright reckless. She decided to say something to them. Yes, she would definitely say something. They were endangering other people’s life as well.

They pulled out of their parking spot just as she started walking towards their car. She still cannot figure out which came first. The assured feeling that something bad was about to happen, or the cold dread she felt at seeing her family car pulling up to the driveway.

Her scream pierced the night air as the cars collided in a deadly dance of flames. She remembered every detail with crystal clarity. The sound of the cars colliding… the heat from the flames brushing across her face… the anguish at not being in the car with the rest of her family. She remembered as though it had just happened. It had just happened.

Grace sat in the waiting room and relieved her worst 5 minutes of life over and over again. She waited for the doctor to tell her if she was to have a family. Sixteen year old Grace waited in the hospital for her family.


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