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The sunset at my back,

Open road before me,

Wild grass on both sides,

Sunflowers shyly hide,

Today and yesterday,

Are almost over,

Now tomorrow smiles,

And beckons.

I don’t know where I’ll be,

Or what people I will meet,

All I know is that tomorrow,

Will be the best today,

For everyday of my life.



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Churning and burning, scorching my skin,

The lava, the magma, the deafening din,

I’m screaming, I’m gasping, yet there’s no air,

Save me, Oh help me, I am in despair!

I’m hurting and burning, though you cannot see,

This pain is unreal, How CAN it be!

For it’s not really pain but anxiety you know,

It feeds on my fears, and more it can sow.

It is a parasite, a parasitic leech,

There is no limit to its parasitic reach!

Nothing can help, nothing can stop,

There is only one end to this precipitous drop,

There is no escape, or I cannot find one,

Intangible  like a mirage, I only can run.

Really Free

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Taken out of one cage,

Only to be shoved into another?

Freed from terrors of one age,

Only to be replaced by another?

First they said, little woman,

Stay at home, you cannot fly,

Stay and take care of our son,

More? Don’t even try.

Now we broke free those bars,

So they say go out and roam,

You must reach for the stars,

Smart women don’t stay at home.

I laugh at this absurdity,

Backwardness of today,

Free is what I will be,

Not what they will say.

Letter to Nobody

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I hope this letter finds you well. You might be wondering why I write to you. It’s because I have things on my mind that must be said. I hope you will not judge me too harshly as a spoilt brat, whining in conceited angst. You know I seldom throw myself a pity party.

My life is wonderful. I have everything I could possibly need and wonderful people that love me. Yet I cannot help but look at my future with a fair bit of trepidation. And no, I am not afraid of the big scary world. I’m sure I’ll do just fine-in the modern sense of the word anyways. What I fear is dullness. Now I realize that with all the people on our planet who have so little, this is a very selfish fear. Which is why I don’t address this letter to anyone else.

Whether good or bad, reasonable or selfish, the fact of the matter is that I am afraid of dullness. I do not fear death itself, but I do fear that it’ll come unannounced and I’ll regret not having done more. I am young enough to “make the most of life” as they say, BUT I’m afraid I don’t quite know how to go about it.

There seem to be so many things I want to do, and not all of them are compatible. Now, I don’t want to be greedy. I know well that we cannot have it all. But, I’m just hoping to find the right balance (between responsibility and passion) to have lived life large enough that, when death does come knocking, I won’t run away but greet it with open arms.

Thank you for listening. Any advice would be much appreciated.

Yours Sincerely,


Dear Neighbors

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Terrifying tremors emerged,

From deep within earth’s heart,

Leaving millions shaken,

Tore families apart.

Neighbors do you see my eyes?

For you they fill with tears,

Keep your strength and hold your faith

Keep at bay your fears.

We pray for you with all our strength,

We hope with all our might,

Daybreak will bring relief,

Lives will brighten in the light.

This little poem is for all the people affected by the earthquake and the aftershocks that 
have rocked Nepal and its neighboring countries. I pray for the affected people to have 
strength and hope to make it through this disaster.


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Ask me if I shed tears,

Tears with your name on them,

And I’ll tell you in all honesty,

I didn’t spill any that you could see.

I have only read and heard of Love,

Not knowing if it is true,

The giddy rush, the flush and smiles,

Racing heart and breath… I wonder if it’s true.

Yet I cannot help but feel,

I felt something there for sure,

Swallowing my pride I’ll tell you,

You might just be the first I fell for.

I don’t know if the sky gets bluer,

If the birds sing cupid’s melodies,

I don’t know if half my soul is missing,

I only wonder if it’s true…

Truth be told, if truth is true,

I don’t know much what’s true,

But in my heart your name is etched,

Yet I did not cry for you.

The Wind

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I was standing on a balcony overlooking a mountain,

No clue how I got there,

Hot tea warmed my hands, and its aroma drew my smile,

My eyes sparkled just like the stream,

I knew this because I felt it.

The sky was gold and pink and orange,

The sun set the clouds on fire.

The birds sang their carefree songs,

Leaving me envious of their freedom.

And just when it seemed to me,

This must be heaven, what more can be perfection…

The wind came frolicking in from nowhere,

Taking my breath along with it.

The wonderful wind, she smelled like rain,

Like hope and nostalgia,

She gathered up my dark hair,

And whispered in my ear.

This was when my dream ended,

And I cannot remember what she whispered

All I am left with is ‘maybe-s’ and and ‘perhapses’.

But she had been all over the world,

So perhaps she told me of her travels,

All the sights she’d seen and people she’d met,

All the scents and all the flavors.

Maybe she even asked me to join her,

Knowing I could not deny.

Forevermore, for all my life,

I’ll wonder what she said,

Until perhaps on a windy day,

I’ll be standing on a mountain side,

Watching the clouds on fire,

When she’ll come up to me,

Gather up my hair,

And whisper in my ear.

Where Am I?

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