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Being confronted by human scum so early in the morning is NOT a great way to start the day. Can I just say, when I read rodent flatulence like this, I cannot help but feel sorry for that pathetic sod that writes it. In response to “5 reasons why you should not date Indian girls”, I am not surprised at the writer’s opinion. Judging him solely on the basis of his -ahem!- insightful writing, OF COURSE this is his take on Indian women! I cannot imagine any woman, Indian or not, with a shred of self respect or an iota of intelligence that would want to be associated or even (to put it in his words) plumped and dumped by him.

Reading this piece of bird droppings I went from indignation to mirth, because I’m pretty sure that no sane person would do anything but discard it as ignorant ranting.

Unlike the crude and ignorant writer of the article, I know that you cannot judge an entire group of people based on a few of its more sad and screwed up members. So, no offence to the decent people out there. I am not taking a hit at “white men”, but rather at ignorant narcissists.

If you haven’t read the article, here is a link to it:


Black Hole

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At what?


But why?


For what?


By whom?


Of what?


So what?


They stop


It chokes


Now frowns


Snuffed out


Don’t be


It lies.

From a Bengali Heart

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Love comes in so many different forms, but never before have I experienced it in quite this way. I’ve always felt older than my years. Perhaps it was because of this “old soul” nature that I’ve always felt an inexplicable pull towards cities with olden charm. To no one’s surprise Rome, Venice, Paris easily make this list. I’ve only visited these places as a very young child, so I don’t think my memory does justice to these beauties. Which brings me to wonder, were I to visit them now, would I fall in love as instantly and inexplicably as I did with Kolkata.

Like many of India’s metropolitan cities, Kolkata spouts smoke like one big chimney, has roads that put swamps to shame, and deafening traffic capable of causing severe headaches. But behind this facade of fast paced existence, if you are able to see the charms that this city holds, you’d understand why I fell in love here.

Don’t be fooled by high rise buildings and glass windowed malls. That is not the Kolkata I fell for. What stole my heart was far more embedded in this city’s soul…

Walking in college street, simply astounded by the sheer multitude of books and the heady sweet musk of their scent… Eating egg rolls at roadside stands or a mouthwatering meal at 6 Ballugunge Place… The beauty of Victoria Memorial or praying at Kalibari… The chatter of sweet bengali all around…. The fierce beauty of Ganga… The cobbled streets and buildings reminiscent of the days of British Raj… The trams rattling through the city… And the simple familiarity and kindness of the people here… That is what I fell for.

This city is unlike any other I’ve ever been in. All my life, I’ve searched for identity and now I know that no matter where I am, or where I will be, I am true and blue a bengali at heart. From Durga Pujo to roshogolla, Rabindra shangeet to bengali literature, there is nothing about this culture than I am not desperately in love with. And perhaps this has been true all my life, but I never would have realised it, had it not been for Kolkata captivating my soul and mingling it with her own.

Such Solitude

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The sun bears down,

Smiling, laughing merry,

And I look down into

The shimmering light blue,

Enchanting, tempting me,

In giddy expectation.

The first rush of cool water,

The paradoxical cold and warmth,

The light feeling of floating away,

And the perfect realisation

Of a long awaited wish.

Alone and solitary,

This is solitude that brings peace.

Noodles in my Head

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I have been having one of those days,

You know the ones,

You see all red and snap at humanity,

Cry because you dropped your sock,

Yell at strangers and gnash your teeth,

Throw up your hands in a princess sized tantrum?

They’re really rotten, those days,

But I’m pretty good at getting happy and loopy,

Here’s some thoughts that make me beam.

It’s cool to be silly and loud,

Immaturity is a gift of life,

Yes, fairies exist and so does santa,

Every bunny could be the Easter bunny,

Tooth fairy does have your teeth,

Jack Frost is out there well and alive,

It’s nice manners to small talk with the clouds,

Or to wave to the Sandman way up in the moon,

There is plenty of nutella in the world,

Seriously, it won’t run out,

Imagine a basket of baby pandas,

Or baby cats or dogs or koalas ,

Or really,

A basket of baby prettymuchanythings,

Randomness is one of my talents,

Try it sometime won’t you?

And be as nonsensical as this post,

Bite into an orange and toss grapes into your mouth.

This isn’t poetry really, is it?

This is basically just the scrambled inside of my head.

It’s a funny place my head,

Like noodles you know,

I don’t even remember how I came to be here,

I know I was feeling a little red at first,

Now I’m back to being serenely queer.

Wishing you all a very queer day,

Don’t forget to live your existence!


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Let’s today try something new

To ourselves be fair and true

Let’s forgive our flaws today

With a smile let’s greet the day

Why not throw away self doubts

Let’s be lazy under the clouds

We’ll sit by the river with a good book

The world we’ll see, not just look!

Let’s forget our age and dignity,

Just be awesome and bomdiggity!

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