This is You.

July 24, 2015 § Leave a comment

Like a grey storm cloud

On a sunny day

Like a piece of gum

That won’t go away,

You are the ruin

Of every joy

Useless like a

Discarded toy,

Hate is not the

Word I’d use

That much to you

I must refuse,

You are the dirt

Under my shoe

To all my yellows

You are the blue,

You are the regret

I wish I could drop

You are my past

That I cannot stop,

You are the mistake

That shames my day

You are the lesson

That I won’t replay.



July 17, 2015 § Leave a comment

She was young and well off. She had had an excellent education. She was the mistress of her own future and the world was in her fist. Or so she had been told.

Everything that had happened in her life was a result of careful planning and meticulous instruction meant to give her freedom. She would never have to answer to anyone they said. They told her she would live life on her own terms with her head held high. She could do as she pleased and no one could question her.

It’s funny how people can lie, even to themselves. The lie just has to be convincing enough. It just has to fit in with the idea of “right”, it just has to be “acceptable”.

She was supposed to be happy. She had earned her freedom. Her ticket to an independent life. She was now allowed to be a part of society. She was now free to follow what society dictated.

A Life Unseen

July 9, 2015 § 1 Comment

Beneath the night sky

Speckled with diamonds

Lay a world

Unseen. Where

Dew kissed the blades

Of lush green grass,


Of earthen mother.

Higher up

In the heavens,

The infant stars

Giggled in delight

Even as wispy clouds

Whispered secrets

Into the ears of the rabbit

That lives on the moon.

An owl hooted,

From the branches

Of the mighty oak,

Gently swaying,

As the dainty leaves,

Twirled and swished,

Dancing with the wind,

In music ancient,

Older than time itself.

In my depths,

I yearned to be more

Than just an intruder

Upon their lives,

I longed to join in,

To dance with the wind,

And hear the tales,

The clouds whispered.

Somewhere a car honked,

Jolting me back

To my reality,

Surprised to find

My lashes wet

With dreams

Destined to be unfulfilled.

Where Am I?

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