A Life Unseen

July 9, 2015 § 1 Comment

Beneath the night sky

Speckled with diamonds

Lay a world

Unseen. Where

Dew kissed the blades

Of lush green grass,


Of earthen mother.

Higher up

In the heavens,

The infant stars

Giggled in delight

Even as wispy clouds

Whispered secrets

Into the ears of the rabbit

That lives on the moon.

An owl hooted,

From the branches

Of the mighty oak,

Gently swaying,

As the dainty leaves,

Twirled and swished,

Dancing with the wind,

In music ancient,

Older than time itself.

In my depths,

I yearned to be more

Than just an intruder

Upon their lives,

I longed to join in,

To dance with the wind,

And hear the tales,

The clouds whispered.

Somewhere a car honked,

Jolting me back

To my reality,

Surprised to find

My lashes wet

With dreams

Destined to be unfulfilled.


The Wind

April 25, 2015 § Leave a comment

I was standing on a balcony overlooking a mountain,

No clue how I got there,

Hot tea warmed my hands, and its aroma drew my smile,

My eyes sparkled just like the stream,

I knew this because I felt it.

The sky was gold and pink and orange,

The sun set the clouds on fire.

The birds sang their carefree songs,

Leaving me envious of their freedom.

And just when it seemed to me,

This must be heaven, what more can be perfection…

The wind came frolicking in from nowhere,

Taking my breath along with it.

The wonderful wind, she smelled like rain,

Like hope and nostalgia,

She gathered up my dark hair,

And whispered in my ear.

This was when my dream ended,

And I cannot remember what she whispered

All I am left with is ‘maybe-s’ and and ‘perhapses’.

But she had been all over the world,

So perhaps she told me of her travels,

All the sights she’d seen and people she’d met,

All the scents and all the flavors.

Maybe she even asked me to join her,

Knowing I could not deny.

Forevermore, for all my life,

I’ll wonder what she said,

Until perhaps on a windy day,

I’ll be standing on a mountain side,

Watching the clouds on fire,

When she’ll come up to me,

Gather up my hair,

And whisper in my ear.


April 24, 2015 § 3 Comments

Words whispered on a starlit night,

Words aglow in luminous light,

Words that wipe away my tears,

Words that dispel my darkest fears,

Words that encourage the hardest mile,

Words that call forth heart’s smile,

Words where mysteries coyly peer,

Words that carry me away from here,

Words that take and words that give,

Words I dream and breath and live.


March 24, 2015 § Leave a comment

Stepmother queen : Mirror mirror on the wall, Who’s the fairest of                                          them all?

Magic mirror           : Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

And they all lived happily ever after…

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