Her Story

October 19, 2015 § Leave a comment

The soft naked feet

Stepped onto the grass

Still wet with last night’s dreams

The silver bells tinkled

As she ran to the buttercup

Dancing in the spring breeze.

This was before,

Before she broke,

Before she was scattered across the ground,

Crushed beneath the feet,

Of the jailer of the night.

The supple body,

Once romanced in delight,

With the cool blue lake water,

The wind once played

With her feathery hair

The rain once ran down her body,

In petite streams.

That was before,

Before she became a canvas,

For the vile shadow that prowled the nights.

Sun kissed skin and freckled cheeks,

Tan body and silver anklets

Are now gone.

She is left with battle scars

Both seen and unseen.

She tripped on the stairs she’ll say,

Because some truths are best unheard.


how can they?

October 17, 2014 § Leave a comment

Eyes so large and full of fear,

Now more dead than alive,

For they have lost all that’s dear,

They smile, seeing death arrive.

How can you see such flesh and bone,

And hurt them, make them bleed?

Your heart must be made of stone,

Of humanity you’ve been freed.

You are worthy of nothing but contempt,

You make my rage so wild,

For there’s no evil that’s more damned,

That hurting an innocent child.

Your very existence is a shame,

But I swallow down my hate,

For black as you have made your name,

You won’t escape your fate.

You look a child in the eyes,

And raise your hand to hurt,

You pay no heed to the cries,

You are just human dirt.

But truly I feel sorry for you,

You are nothing but a shell,

You know what I say is true,

You know it very well.

You cannot trade in human life,

Has greed and power made you blind?

Into their hearts if you thrust a knife,

That would be a lot more kind.

I pray that you’ll find your way,

Cast away the life you’ve lead.

For if like this you were to stay,

You’d be much worse than dead.

I yearn to take those little hands,

And guide them through the miles,

Bring them into better lands,

Where they might find their smiles.

And if their torment is not to cease,

Their lives they are not to keep.

Then maybe they should find their peace,

In the eternal embrace of sleep.

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