Really Free

April 28, 2015 § Leave a comment

Taken out of one cage,

Only to be shoved into another?

Freed from terrors of one age,

Only to be replaced by another?

First they said, little woman,

Stay at home, you cannot fly,

Stay and take care of our son,

More? Don’t even try.

Now we broke free those bars,

So they say go out and roam,

You must reach for the stars,

Smart women don’t stay at home.

I laugh at this absurdity,

Backwardness of today,

Free is what I will be,

Not what they will say.


Dear Neighbors

April 26, 2015 § Leave a comment

Terrifying tremors emerged,

From deep within earth’s heart,

Leaving millions shaken,

Tore families apart.

Neighbors do you see my eyes?

For you they fill with tears,

Keep your strength and hold your faith

Keep at bay your fears.

We pray for you with all our strength,

We hope with all our might,

Daybreak will bring relief,

Lives will brighten in the light.

This little poem is for all the people affected by the earthquake and the aftershocks that 
have rocked Nepal and its neighboring countries. I pray for the affected people to have 
strength and hope to make it through this disaster.


March 2, 2015 § Leave a comment

In all our lives, there are ups and downs. Of course. The downs are not a problem. It’s the cliffs that I mind. Falling so deep down, that we don’t know how to climb back up. And we keep deluding ourselves that it’ll be okay. We believe that irritatingly positive inner voice. And it lies. All the time.

I’m sure bad times don’t last forever. But neither does our spirit. And one day, some of us less fortunate ones find, that we have stopped looking for the end of the tunnel. Because we are done. The boy cried wolf one too many times. And then we stop walking. We simply lie down and wait for the embrace of sweet sleep. We lose our courage to live.

What really scares me is not death, but rather “not living”. I’m afraid that one of these days, I’ll stop believing my inner liar. That I’ll stop walking towards the light and lay in the tunnel simply existing. That I’ll die before I’ve lived. The sad part is that I know tunnel has to end somewhere. Only, I wonder if I have the strength to walk all the way?… If I’m stupid and brave enough to believe my liar every time… Until it doesn’t lie anymore.

I hope with all my heart, that my inner voice won’t sin much longer. Because though I’m still walking, I’m starting to tire.


December 21, 2014 § Leave a comment

The little stars shine so bright,

Never dying relentless light,

They give me courage and strength,

They pull me up when I am spent.

The pixies ride the magic breeze,

As they laugh and play and tease,

Can’t you hear their bells tinkling?

Can’t you see their eyes twinkling?

Magic binds each and every heart,

By this magic they are never apart.

Share their joys and share their tears,

Laugh and cry and face your fears.

Draw your strength from the flame,

As it burns, you do the same.

Don’t back down or bow out,

Speak your mind aloud right out.

See the heavens above you,

Then ask your heart, what is true.

All you need you’ll find within,

Peace or joy or just a win.

Tonight look deep and find your might,

Be brave and live your life tonight.

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