April 30, 2015 § Leave a comment

Churning and burning, scorching my skin,

The lava, the magma, the deafening din,

I’m screaming, I’m gasping, yet there’s no air,

Save me, Oh help me, I am in despair!

I’m hurting and burning, though you cannot see,

This pain is unreal, How CAN it be!

For it’s not really pain but anxiety you know,

It feeds on my fears, and more it can sow.

It is a parasite, a parasitic leech,

There is no limit to its parasitic reach!

Nothing can help, nothing can stop,

There is only one end to this precipitous drop,

There is no escape, or I cannot find one,

Intangible  like a mirage, I only can run.


My Castle In the Sky

February 18, 2015 § Leave a comment

Where the heavens change form

From red to gold to a silvery blue

Where the sun streaked clouds

Bring forth a sweet sadness to the soul…

Where there is music in the rain

And brilliant peacocks delightfully dance

To the sweet sound of peace

In harmony with Love…

Where birds sing

Gentle songs of kindness,

And caress the wind

With their feathered touch…

Amid the oaken woods

A bubbling brook flows by,

The lush meadow

Alive with the vibrant blossoms

Of youth and years gone by…

Here in this paradise

There’s Love in every sigh

Every glance, every touch,

Every smile and every breath…

Here there is a castle,

High up in the sky

In the clouds,

Made out of dreams and hopes…

This is my castle,

My heaven,

My escape,

My fickle reality…

A fleeting moment

That lasts for eternity,

That is time

In my castle in the sky…

Everyone smiles

And with a gentle breath

Breathes sweet words

Unburdening all of life’s griefs…

Alone or together

Sad or joyous

Everything is welcome

In my paradise…

When reality is brutal

And memories are knives,

Twisting through my veins

Seeping venom into my blood…

This is my redemption,

That heals me of my life…

Where Am I?

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