A moment

February 17, 2015 § Leave a comment

She picked him up from the shore,

Like a shiny shell for her amusement,

Like a distraction from her hell,

Like a pebble to be thrown away.

But his heart wasn’t shelled in stone,

It rode on the wind,

Smiled in the rain,

Danced for joy,

Rejoiced for wonder.

Naivety was his fault,

Selfishness hers,

Her poison charmed words,

Enchanted him to blindness.

she left him lighter,

As she took away herself,

But he stayed naive,

And let her pick him up again.

Now he was a treasure,

Hurt but stronger for it,

He was strong for forgiveness,

For empathy and kindness.

They tread untrodden paths together,

They adventured through the sky,

They lived among the lions,

Until They parted ways.

No anger no hatred,

Simple bittersweet sting,

All that now remains,

Is what ifs and remember whens.

They are but a moment

In this ephemeral infinity,

And now you are witness to that moment,

In which they lived and loved and died.


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