Noodles in my Head

May 3, 2015 § Leave a comment

I have been having one of those days,

You know the ones,

You see all red and snap at humanity,

Cry because you dropped your sock,

Yell at strangers and gnash your teeth,

Throw up your hands in a princess sized tantrum?

They’re really rotten, those days,

But I’m pretty good at getting happy and loopy,

Here’s some thoughts that make me beam.

It’s cool to be silly and loud,

Immaturity is a gift of life,

Yes, fairies exist and so does santa,

Every bunny could be the Easter bunny,

Tooth fairy does have your teeth,

Jack Frost is out there well and alive,

It’s nice manners to small talk with the clouds,

Or to wave to the Sandman way up in the moon,

There is plenty of nutella in the world,

Seriously, it won’t run out,

Imagine a basket of baby pandas,

Or baby cats or dogs or koalas ,

Or really,

A basket of baby prettymuchanythings,

Randomness is one of my talents,

Try it sometime won’t you?

And be as nonsensical as this post,

Bite into an orange and toss grapes into your mouth.

This isn’t poetry really, is it?

This is basically just the scrambled inside of my head.

It’s a funny place my head,

Like noodles you know,

I don’t even remember how I came to be here,

I know I was feeling a little red at first,

Now I’m back to being serenely queer.

Wishing you all a very queer day,

Don’t forget to live your existence!


Dear Neighbors

April 26, 2015 § Leave a comment

Terrifying tremors emerged,

From deep within earth’s heart,

Leaving millions shaken,

Tore families apart.

Neighbors do you see my eyes?

For you they fill with tears,

Keep your strength and hold your faith

Keep at bay your fears.

We pray for you with all our strength,

We hope with all our might,

Daybreak will bring relief,

Lives will brighten in the light.

This little poem is for all the people affected by the earthquake and the aftershocks that 
have rocked Nepal and its neighboring countries. I pray for the affected people to have 
strength and hope to make it through this disaster.


March 13, 2015 § Leave a comment

“Rolling stones gather no moss”

Don’t catch moss, keep rolling! 🙂

lost… and found

February 16, 2015 § Leave a comment

As she sat and looked around,

What do you think she found?

She used to be a happy light,

Oh yes she did too shine so bright!

Somehow on her journey here,

She was robbed by doubt and fear.

She lost her laugh, she lost her smile,

The twinkling eyes have hid a while.

Now she sees what she has done,

How she blotted out her sun,

How she had stopped being kind,

How she tormented her mind.

Now she wants to love again,

Her life will not have been in vain.

She is wiser now, beyond her years,

Seeds borne out of all her tears.

The path back up is hard and steep,

She must have faith and courage so deep,

That she has the strength to climb her way,

Out of night, into the day.

Searching for her missing part,

She has to come to know her heart,

She has to learn to love herself,

She has to learn to ask for help.

Her broken heart will start to heal,

More than ever she’ll start to feel,

Loss and pain of yesterday,

Will help her get back on her way.

The bright little soul will soon shine,

As herself she begins to find.

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