October 3, 2014 § Leave a comment

Nothing but sweet sad memories now,

Spring is over, I don’t know how.

Full steam ahead, never a pause,

Oh I did not know how sweet it was!

And now it’s winter cold and dry,

Springtime, can’t you hear me cry?

Winter’s beauty can be matched by none,

But my oh my, I miss the sun.

Sweet spring sweeter than ever before,

Absence makes it sweet some more.

I should move on, I know I should,

Spring gone by, is gone for good.

Those blissful days when the world was happy,

Nothing more now than a sweet, loved memory.

I do what’s needed, I do what’s right,

But I visit my childhood, in my dreams each night.

How I wish I could grow up once again,

But alas, I know that it is in vain.


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