Letter to Nobody

April 27, 2015 § Leave a comment


I hope this letter finds you well. You might be wondering why I write to you. It’s because I have things on my mind that must be said. I hope you will not judge me too harshly as a spoilt brat, whining in conceited angst. You know I seldom throw myself a pity party.

My life is wonderful. I have everything I could possibly need and wonderful people that love me. Yet I cannot help but look at my future with a fair bit of trepidation. And no, I am not afraid of the big scary world. I’m sure I’ll do just fine-in the modern sense of the word anyways. What I fear is dullness. Now I realize that with all the people on our planet who have so little, this is a very selfish fear. Which is why I don’t address this letter to anyone else.

Whether good or bad, reasonable or selfish, the fact of the matter is that I am afraid of dullness. I do not fear death itself, but I do fear that it’ll come unannounced and I’ll regret not having done more. I am young enough to “make the most of life” as they say, BUT I’m afraid I don’t quite know how to go about it.

There seem to be so many things I want to do, and not all of them are compatible. Now, I don’t want to be greedy. I know well that we cannot have it all. But, I’m just hoping to find the right balance (between responsibility and passion) to have lived life large enough that, when death does come knocking, I won’t run away but greet it with open arms.

Thank you for listening. Any advice would be much appreciated.

Yours Sincerely,



Dear Neighbors

April 26, 2015 § Leave a comment

Terrifying tremors emerged,

From deep within earth’s heart,

Leaving millions shaken,

Tore families apart.

Neighbors do you see my eyes?

For you they fill with tears,

Keep your strength and hold your faith

Keep at bay your fears.

We pray for you with all our strength,

We hope with all our might,

Daybreak will bring relief,

Lives will brighten in the light.

This little poem is for all the people affected by the earthquake and the aftershocks that 
have rocked Nepal and its neighboring countries. I pray for the affected people to have 
strength and hope to make it through this disaster.

My Castle In the Sky

February 18, 2015 § Leave a comment

Where the heavens change form

From red to gold to a silvery blue

Where the sun streaked clouds

Bring forth a sweet sadness to the soul…

Where there is music in the rain

And brilliant peacocks delightfully dance

To the sweet sound of peace

In harmony with Love…

Where birds sing

Gentle songs of kindness,

And caress the wind

With their feathered touch…

Amid the oaken woods

A bubbling brook flows by,

The lush meadow

Alive with the vibrant blossoms

Of youth and years gone by…

Here in this paradise

There’s Love in every sigh

Every glance, every touch,

Every smile and every breath…

Here there is a castle,

High up in the sky

In the clouds,

Made out of dreams and hopes…

This is my castle,

My heaven,

My escape,

My fickle reality…

A fleeting moment

That lasts for eternity,

That is time

In my castle in the sky…

Everyone smiles

And with a gentle breath

Breathes sweet words

Unburdening all of life’s griefs…

Alone or together

Sad or joyous

Everything is welcome

In my paradise…

When reality is brutal

And memories are knives,

Twisting through my veins

Seeping venom into my blood…

This is my redemption,

That heals me of my life…


October 5, 2014 § Leave a comment

I will be who I want, my life is just my own.

Don’t tell me what I can or can’t, I’ll reap what I have sown.

You say I am rebellious, well then rebel I will be,

There’s really nothing you can do, for finally i’m free.

Anywhere you care to look, a free-er being you will not find,

For you can have everything, but you cannot have my mind.

I’ll believe and hold my faith in what I think is true,

I’ll love all I think is good, wont hate because you do.

I can walk with company, or I can walk alone,

But I will walk my own path, not one that you have shown.

Holding my head high up, every barrier I will cross,

If you don’t believe it, well, that’s just your loss.

Hit me with your hardest, push me to the ground,

I will get back on my feet, you will not see a frown.

Who think I can’t are many, who think I can are few,

But that’s not going to stop me, I’ll prove what I can do.

Soon you’ll know, there’s more to me than perceived at first sight,

Soon you’ll know I’m not the kind to give in without a fight.

I do not fight for power, nor for wealth and fame,

If such things I did fight for, all I’d get is shame.

I fight for love and hope, for understanding and peace,

Greed for other selfish things, I know wont ever cease.

As I walk my own made path, I have but one bequest,

Many a mind wont be like yours, still show them some respect.

What if a brilliant soul cannot put up a fight?

We’ll then lose that brilliant soul, forever lose it’s light.

Each human is a different color, each soul a different hue,

I can see the beauty here, so why can’t you see it too?

We were not born as us, born unique, merely to follow,

If we cannot be ourselves, our lives will be just hollow.

Let us all be free today, and free all those we chain,

Let us all choose our own journey,taking our own train.

Finally I have freed myself, this cannot be more true,

Can you also do the same, can you claim freedom too?

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