intoxicated soul

October 15, 2014 § Leave a comment

Have you ever seen a cloudy sun streaked sky,

And wished to soar in it?

Have you ever seen an old ivy covered wall,

And wished for a knight on a white horse?

Have you ever been surrounded by old dusty books,

And felt like you have everything you could want?

Have you ever looked upon the ocean,

And wanted to lose yourself in it?

Have you ever seen dew on a flower petal,

And felt devotion build up in you?

Have you ever seen a castle nestled in a mountain,

And wanted to know what stories it has to tell?

Have you ever seen a candle flame dance,

And had your soul dancing with it?

Have you ever during a cold wintry night,

Cuddled up with your favorite book?

Have you ever wanted to pack up your things,

And be a dweller of the earth?

Have you ever seen a shooting star,

And wished for an older time?

Have you ever looked up at the night sky,

And felt awed by its mystery?

Have you been proud and humble,

Have you loved and lost?

Do these things, or some others,

Make your heart race, breath quicken?

Have you ever lived in dreams,

Had an intoxicated soul?


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