December 21, 2014 § Leave a comment

The little stars shine so bright,

Never dying relentless light,

They give me courage and strength,

They pull me up when I am spent.

The pixies ride the magic breeze,

As they laugh and play and tease,

Can’t you hear their bells tinkling?

Can’t you see their eyes twinkling?

Magic binds each and every heart,

By this magic they are never apart.

Share their joys and share their tears,

Laugh and cry and face your fears.

Draw your strength from the flame,

As it burns, you do the same.

Don’t back down or bow out,

Speak your mind aloud right out.

See the heavens above you,

Then ask your heart, what is true.

All you need you’ll find within,

Peace or joy or just a win.

Tonight look deep and find your might,

Be brave and live your life tonight.


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