The Dream

October 19, 2015 § Leave a comment

I see you in the golden rays

When the sun peeks out

Behind the clouds.

I smell you in the dewy grass

On blue skyed mornings

Sweet summer days.

I feel you as the wind

Takes me in its arms

And dances away.

I hear you in the rain

When the heavens cry

And we rejoice.

You are hidden

Between the words

In my yellowed battered book.

You are entwined

Our breaths mingling

Like when we’re one.

In my dreams

You are alive

And gone again at dawn.

I reach out

To feel your hands

Yearn to melt beneath your touch.

I wait

And wait

For time infinite

For you to walk out my dreams

To see you when my eyes are open

To feel you when awake.


This is You.

July 24, 2015 § Leave a comment

Like a grey storm cloud

On a sunny day

Like a piece of gum

That won’t go away,

You are the ruin

Of every joy

Useless like a

Discarded toy,

Hate is not the

Word I’d use

That much to you

I must refuse,

You are the dirt

Under my shoe

To all my yellows

You are the blue,

You are the regret

I wish I could drop

You are my past

That I cannot stop,

You are the mistake

That shames my day

You are the lesson

That I won’t replay.

From a Bengali Heart

May 12, 2015 § Leave a comment

Love comes in so many different forms, but never before have I experienced it in quite this way. I’ve always felt older than my years. Perhaps it was because of this “old soul” nature that I’ve always felt an inexplicable pull towards cities with olden charm. To no one’s surprise Rome, Venice, Paris easily make this list. I’ve only visited these places as a very young child, so I don’t think my memory does justice to these beauties. Which brings me to wonder, were I to visit them now, would I fall in love as instantly and inexplicably as I did with Kolkata.

Like many of India’s metropolitan cities, Kolkata spouts smoke like one big chimney, has roads that put swamps to shame, and deafening traffic capable of causing severe headaches. But behind this facade of fast paced existence, if you are able to see the charms that this city holds, you’d understand why I fell in love here.

Don’t be fooled by high rise buildings and glass windowed malls. That is not the Kolkata I fell for. What stole my heart was far more embedded in this city’s soul…

Walking in college street, simply astounded by the sheer multitude of books and the heady sweet musk of their scent… Eating egg rolls at roadside stands or a mouthwatering meal at 6 Ballugunge Place… The beauty of Victoria Memorial or praying at Kalibari… The chatter of sweet bengali all around…. The fierce beauty of Ganga… The cobbled streets and buildings reminiscent of the days of British Raj… The trams rattling through the city… And the simple familiarity and kindness of the people here… That is what I fell for.

This city is unlike any other I’ve ever been in. All my life, I’ve searched for identity and now I know that no matter where I am, or where I will be, I am true and blue a bengali at heart. From Durga Pujo to roshogolla, Rabindra shangeet to bengali literature, there is nothing about this culture than I am not desperately in love with. And perhaps this has been true all my life, but I never would have realised it, had it not been for Kolkata captivating my soul and mingling it with her own.


April 30, 2015 § Leave a comment

The sunset at my back,

Open road before me,

Wild grass on both sides,

Sunflowers shyly hide,

Today and yesterday,

Are almost over,

Now tomorrow smiles,

And beckons.

I don’t know where I’ll be,

Or what people I will meet,

All I know is that tomorrow,

Will be the best today,

For everyday of my life.


April 25, 2015 § Leave a comment

Ask me if I shed tears,

Tears with your name on them,

And I’ll tell you in all honesty,

I didn’t spill any that you could see.

I have only read and heard of Love,

Not knowing if it is true,

The giddy rush, the flush and smiles,

Racing heart and breath… I wonder if it’s true.

Yet I cannot help but feel,

I felt something there for sure,

Swallowing my pride I’ll tell you,

You might just be the first I fell for.

I don’t know if the sky gets bluer,

If the birds sing cupid’s melodies,

I don’t know if half my soul is missing,

I only wonder if it’s true…

Truth be told, if truth is true,

I don’t know much what’s true,

But in my heart your name is etched,

Yet I did not cry for you.


April 24, 2015 § 3 Comments

Words whispered on a starlit night,

Words aglow in luminous light,

Words that wipe away my tears,

Words that dispel my darkest fears,

Words that encourage the hardest mile,

Words that call forth heart’s smile,

Words where mysteries coyly peer,

Words that carry me away from here,

Words that take and words that give,

Words I dream and breath and live.


March 22, 2015 § Leave a comment

Neither riches nor any wealth,

In bad times or good health,

No champagne or Bonaffair,

Could ever ever compare.

You know of what I speak,

It’s no secret that I keep,

Mon désir, mon amour,

It could only be petrichor.

And as the drops paint me,

In the hues of the stormy sea,

I am wonderstruck in my awe,

And my icy heart begins to thaw.

I am drugged in its high,

I am lost in its sigh,

Mon désir, mon amour,

It is only petrichor…

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