That Land Far Away

March 25, 2015 § Leave a comment

Far far away, is a magical land,

Of fierce mountains and shining sand.

With tiny fairies and scary pirates,

Cute garden gnomes and friendly primates.

If you’re lucky, you’ll even meet some dolphins,

If you’re good, I’ll show you some munchkins.

Tinkling fountains,

Misty mountains,

Clouds of dreams,

And frolicking streams…

Into this magic land, once you have found your way,

Mark my words my friend you will, forever want to stay…

Lush green grass, wet with morning dew,

Butterflies flutter in the sky so blue,

Flowers bloom in all their glory,

Each one so eager to tell its story!

The wind has been all over the world,

And here it comes to unwind, unfurl.

And when at night the land is in darkness,

The stars and moons, they glow with kindness.

The ageless moon begins Her story-telling,

Naughty stars they twinkle, or are they giggling?

The night of wondrous, fabulous fables,

Of mythical beasts and heroic rebels,

It flows along in silvery delights,

Until the sun on its chariot arrives.

Of this land, you’ve heard both night and day,

Now tell me my friend, would you not stay?

Now I must bid farewell until,

We meet in the land, where time stands still.



February 17, 2015 § Leave a comment

Once upon a time, far far away… beyond the Mount Rationalia, across the valley of Mistanasia, past the Pixie Desert, there was the land of Fantasmia. River mythyton bubbled and frolicked past this wondrous land. You could see anything here, anything at all… For in Fantasmia there were no laws of nature… The only limit was your imagination. Humans lived here in peace with a myriad of mythical creatures. Magic was in the air, a song on every lip, and ecstasy flowed through every creature. No evil ever befell Fantasmia as it was protected by the most powerful magic in existence-Love.

Here in this wonderous land lived a little group of humans with three little children. They were very, very naughty and never listened to their parents. One day as they were going to go play in the Sparkmirth woods, their mother warned them to stay away from the Poisonivy Swamp.

Naughty as they were, these children did not heed their mothers warning. They were enchanted by the swamp, for it wasn’t one of those muddy, mucky swamps, but a truly enchanting pool. They jumped into the water. As they were splashing and playing, they were bitten by a snake. They were terrified, so they ran back home, but to their astonishment, once they reached home, they saw that all traces of the bites had vanished. They were afraid their mother would scold them, so they decided to say nothing to her.

As it happened, these bites were no ordinary bites. They had been bitten by an evil snake who was jealous and resentful of the beauty of Fantasmia. As the children grew, they developed evil thoughts such as greed, hatred, jealousy… They were banished from Fantasmia, because everyone knows, a little bit of evil can soon turn into a raging evil.

These humans traveled far until they came upon uninhabited lands. Here they decided to start their lives over. They grew in number and lived all together, but sadly, their poison was passed down through the generations. There was discord and fighting and violence. There still is. Everytime we switch on the TV or radio or look to a newspaper, we can see this poison spread and grow. The creatures of Fantasmia take pity sometimes and help control this evil, but it can never be eradicated. The best that these people, that we can do, is to remember that we aren’t all bad. Along with the poison, we also carry the Love that we inherited from Fantasmia. We can only try to lead a path of Love, so the poison cannot spread and grow.

And who knows, maybe one day we’ll have learned enough Love to go back to Fantasmia.


December 21, 2014 § Leave a comment

The little stars shine so bright,

Never dying relentless light,

They give me courage and strength,

They pull me up when I am spent.

The pixies ride the magic breeze,

As they laugh and play and tease,

Can’t you hear their bells tinkling?

Can’t you see their eyes twinkling?

Magic binds each and every heart,

By this magic they are never apart.

Share their joys and share their tears,

Laugh and cry and face your fears.

Draw your strength from the flame,

As it burns, you do the same.

Don’t back down or bow out,

Speak your mind aloud right out.

See the heavens above you,

Then ask your heart, what is true.

All you need you’ll find within,

Peace or joy or just a win.

Tonight look deep and find your might,

Be brave and live your life tonight.

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