A Life Unseen

July 9, 2015 § 1 Comment

Beneath the night sky

Speckled with diamonds

Lay a world

Unseen. Where

Dew kissed the blades

Of lush green grass,


Of earthen mother.

Higher up

In the heavens,

The infant stars

Giggled in delight

Even as wispy clouds

Whispered secrets

Into the ears of the rabbit

That lives on the moon.

An owl hooted,

From the branches

Of the mighty oak,

Gently swaying,

As the dainty leaves,

Twirled and swished,

Dancing with the wind,

In music ancient,

Older than time itself.

In my depths,

I yearned to be more

Than just an intruder

Upon their lives,

I longed to join in,

To dance with the wind,

And hear the tales,

The clouds whispered.

Somewhere a car honked,

Jolting me back

To my reality,

Surprised to find

My lashes wet

With dreams

Destined to be unfulfilled.



May 24, 2015 § Leave a comment

Being confronted by human scum so early in the morning is NOT a great way to start the day. Can I just say, when I read rodent flatulence like this, I cannot help but feel sorry for that pathetic sod that writes it. In response to “5 reasons why you should not date Indian girls”, I am not surprised at the writer’s opinion. Judging him solely on the basis of his -ahem!- insightful writing, OF COURSE this is his take on Indian women! I cannot imagine any woman, Indian or not, with a shred of self respect or an iota of intelligence that would want to be associated or even (to put it in his words) plumped and dumped by him.

Reading this piece of bird droppings I went from indignation to mirth, because I’m pretty sure that no sane person would do anything but discard it as ignorant ranting.

Unlike the crude and ignorant writer of the article, I know that you cannot judge an entire group of people based on a few of its more sad and screwed up members. So, no offence to the decent people out there. I am not taking a hit at “white men”, but rather at ignorant narcissists.

If you haven’t read the article,┬áhere is a link to it:


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